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Solutions for Change Management

Make change work for you: overcome the risks that change presents and ensure you benefit from it, as well as being certain that the change happens in the timescale set. Our change management specialists will ensure your change happens, the way you want it!

You can do this by bringing us in: we’re change troubleshooters, able to turn a threat into an opportunity, and to mitigate risk. Change doesn’t always come easily, so it pays to have the right specialists managing it.

We’ve helped so many organisations confronted with change, whether caused by M&A or market changes, that we understand the risks and how to overcome them; we’ve handled the push-back and ensured success through adoption and accommodation; and most importantly, we’ve rescued organisations for whom change has backfired.

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How we do it

We work with you

We will ensure that the most important activities are completed and the measures are put in place to deliver beneficial change in the optimum timescale.

We will take ownership of every aspect of the project from concept to delivery and benefits realisation. We will troubleshoot all aspects of your change management!

Project planning

Project design

We can provide you with both technical and business analysts as part of the initial end-to-end scope and design setting.

Project planning

We will provide you with all planning, including resources required, budgets and implementation, and setting success factors for the final analysis of delivery.

Project preparation

We can take ownership for recruitment and the setting up of the whole project implementation.

Project delivery

We undertake to deliver you with the full business benefits as agreed, and to schedule.

Mergers & acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions
Design options
Delivery and support

We will work with all parties to ensure full analysis of the “As Is” and the “To Be” for merger road-map setting.

We will also undertake full design and planning of all aspects of integration, both for business process planning and technical systems efficiencies.

Major/critical change

Major/critical change
Projects analysis
Projects design
Projects planning

We will work with you and your colleagues – all parties – to ensure full road-map setting, including complete design and planning of all the different aspects of change.

Major/critical change projects delivery

For example, we can provide you with options at various predetermined junctions allowing you to make the planning decisions, based on cost and time efficiencies.

Project delivery

Implementation and delivery planning leadership

We can assist, train and mentor where necessary, you and your colleagues/staff along the lines of industry leadership.

Implementation and delivery planning management

We will work with you to set quality delivery standards, KPI’s and success factors for each stage of the project.

Project recovery, Change recovery

We don’t believe in project failure – but sometimes you need a new approach and radical thinking to redefine and deliver a change project that isn’t working.

Making change happen

We will work with you to ensure that all aspects of the change benefits that have been designed and agreed are delivered; and that benefits realisation is implemented and continuously improved upon, as part of the post-delivery maintenance.

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Change & Transformation

Negotiate & Agree –

  • Joint methods of working.
  • Time, Cost and Benefits.
  • Action.
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Take ownership of the Change.

Establish –

  • The need and outcome
    Governance framework.
  • Project Delivery Plan .
  • Reporting & MI.
  • Resource & Build team.
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Initial “As Is” analysis.

Define –

  • Risk and Issues (RAID).
    Benefits solution, ToM.
  • Pragmatic delivery options.
  • Define successes criteria “To Be”.
  • Facilitate clear communications.
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Motivate and Delegate.

Provide –

  • Robust project team.
  • Proactive coms strategy.
  • Solutions architecture.
  • Business Process design.
  • Tested delivery plan.
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Maintain & Implement.

Realise –

  • Full Benefits implementation.
  • Lessons learnt.
  • Provision of Training.
  • Exit strategy.
  • Continued improvement plan.

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